“Nothing ever prepares you for divorce, but having Claire Davies...representing me certainly helped. Claire gave me advice based on reality and her experience, steering me away from unrealistic expectations which was vital as the process went on, there were no unexpected disappointments/surprises for me."

"If you looked up "Amazing Lawyer" in the dictionary it would show Claire's picture. If you looked up "Happy Client" there would be my picture."

“Claire Davies has become an increasingly respected figure in relation to all aspects of family disputes. She has the ear of the court. Clients know that she will calmly listen to them and will select the most appropriate approach for them to take. Her calm, reasonable and accommodating position does not prevent her, where justified, in taking robust arguments to the court, where she delivers the highest quality presentations, and where her submissions are always measured and well researched.”

"Coming away from the final 3 day court hearing I was left in awe of the brilliance of her mind. I have met many clever people in my life, but Claire's resilience of character and intelligence took my breath away."

"The fact that she is fast becoming the “go-to” adviser when fellow lawyers need help speaks for itself."

"My divorce was the hardest thing I have ever gone through emotionally. Claire is incredibly personable, so she made it easy for me to open up to her. Claire has a natural ability to help you be strong when you need to be, see common sense when you feel frustrated, and be prepared to be able to move on when the process is complete."

"You’ve changed my life!"

"In my experience there is a pronounced difference in the quality of advice offered by Jersey lawyers. Consequently I would encourage clients to carefully consider who they retain to act on their behalf. From my perspective I have no hesitation in recommending Claire Davies and her team."

"Your outstanding commitment, patience, and modesty during this tough period were truly beyond expectation. You navigated the complexities of the legal system with aplomb, ensuring a fair settlement that I am satisfied with.

It is rare to find professionals who display such empathy and dedication to their clients. You never treated me as just another case, but as an individual in a challenging situation. Your reassurances in moments of uncertainty were invaluable, and I felt heard and understood at all times.

Your hard work has resulted not just in a fair settlement, but also gave me a renewed sense of hope and trust in the legal process. Your services have positively impacted my life, and for that, I am deeply grateful."