Leigh Jones

Leigh is currently studying towards her LLB Law Degree from University of London International Programme. After finishing her degree she intends to complete her LLM Masters of Law in Europe and then complete the Bar Professional Training Course. Leigh has previously studied Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Sheffield. Leigh's employment experience includes working at Jersey College for Girls from September 2018 to February 2020 where she supported students both academically and pastorally as they progressed through their schooling. She has also completed work placements at other Jersey law firms including previously for Claire. Leigh's interests include languages and music, she enjoys playing the piano and is looking forward to studying in Europe in the future so she can refine her language skills.


  • Grainville School 2011-2014 |
  • Jersey College for Girls, Jersey, ‘A’ Levels, 2014 – 2016 |
  • University of Sheffield, BSc Chemistry, 2016- 2018 |
  • University of London, LLB Law, 2018-Present


Email: leigh.jones@jerseyfamily.law

Phone: 01534 489589